New Products
New Products

Smart Pro Mercedes* Solution


The Smart Pro Mercedes* Solution is the fast, reliable way to programme slot keys compatible with Mercedes* models produced from 1996 to 2014. It requires the combined use of the Smart Programmer device, the dedicated Mercedes* software module ADS2298, the Silca slot key HU106S23, and the Smart Pro.

The Silca Slot Key for Mercedes* HU106S23 has a similar design as the original key and is supplied ready-to-programme with the PCB, infrared technology, and emergency blade
HU106 included. The key features three function buttons for lock, unlock and boot release, and just like original keys allows you to automatically open and close the windows.
The key can be programmed with the Silca Mercedes* Solution and can be reset and rewritten in case of mistakes while programming.

Download the product brochures in this page and for more info on the range, click here.

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