New Products
New Products

New Proximity Keys and Remote Car Keys

pic_068 161-SIP22P36-SIP22P40-for-fiat-jeep
pic_068 163-KIA8R28-for-kia
pic_068 165-KIA8R32-for-hyundai


Silca is pleased to introduce new references for duplicating car keys:

Silca Remote Car Key KIA8R28 compatible with Kia*
Silca Remote Car Key KIA8R32 compatible with Hyundai*
Silca Proximity Keys SIP22P36 and SIP22P40 compatible with Fiat* and Jeep*

Download the flyers in this page,  for more info, click here.

* Silca is not the owner of the intellectual property nor of any licences in relation to brands of motor vehicles, transponders or of commercial names related to producers shown in this page. Said brands and names are used only to indicate the correct use of the product.