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Silca ID48 and ID49

Silca ID49 solution

Silca ID49 is the only solution available on the market for cloning ID49 transponders used on certain Honda® models manufactured from 2014. The solution allows to duplicate a wide range of keys easily identified by the letter ‘G’ engraved on the blade and equipped with a 96 bit NXP Hitag® 3 transponder.

Free software update for RW4 Plus and Fast Copy Plus

The solution is available with a simple software update of the RW4 Plus and Fast Copy Plus to the 04.09.094 version. The solution is not available for RW4 + P-Box and Fast Copy + P-Box.

Thumbnail Silca ID49 Solution brochure

Silca ID49 Solution brochure

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Silca ID48 Solution

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