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Key Machines

Futura Edge

The electronic key machine for flat and cruciform keys

Futura Edge is the electronic key machine for copying from the original and duplicating by indirect and direct code flat residential and vehicle keys. The machine duplicates also cruciform keys. Futura Edge is the right solution for locksmiths specialized in residential flat keys as well as single and double-sided automotive keys. The software guided procedures make the job easy for inexperienced key cutters, while the reduced dimensions and compact design make it suitable for small sized shops and vans.



Детали продукта

  • Patented laser reading of the key profile Futura Edge features a patented laser key reader, letting you duplicate from the original a flat key without first needing to search for the relevant cutting card.
  • Four-sided clamp The four-sided clamp has an ergonomic handle and a fast, precise rotation system that is patented and unique to Silca, facilitating the installation of a wide variety of keys. The clamp is nickel plated for better wear resistance.
  • Optimized key cutting The two sides of the clamp dedicated to automotive keys mean that even worn keys can easily be decoded. All automotive and most residential keys are cut in one cycle.
  • Software guided procedures The 10-inch touch screen ablet controls the machine, guiding you step- by-step through all key cutting operations. The tablet integrates Silca Software’s main functions and data, including an extensive range of data cards and code tables. The software also advises on the most appropriate tool to use.
  • Practical and ergonomic work station The machine has a patented tablet holder that allows it to be positioned on top of the machine or on the workbench. The generous sized working area is easily accessible and always clean thanks to the swarf collection system below the key cutting station. The pull- down protective screen that slides within the machine body makes this machine very compact and easy to carry. The large, practical storage area on top of the machine makes the utensils needed in everyday use easily accessible.
  • Optimized connectivity Two USB ports on the rear mean the tablet is always kept on charge even during the upload of customized code tables. The machine and the tablet are connected via Wi-Fi delivering a stable connection even at a distance of some metres.
  • Immediate process control The colour-changing LED lights help you to immediately see the process status.
  • A long tradition of quality Futura Edge is a product of Silca’s long tradition of producing innovative, reliable and user-friendly key cutting machines. It comes with a worldwide 2 year customer guarantee.

Power supply: Machine: 24V d.c.- 5,5 Amp. - 130W;
Power pack: 90/264V a.c. - 50/60Hz - 220W MEANWELL GST220A24-R7B
Cutter motor: 24V d.c.
Movements: on 2 axes (with special bushes) driven by step motors (on rectified roller guides)
Prismatic cutter: 01F, in HSS (high speed steel)
Clamp: 01V, removable, with 4 universal sides
Runs: X axis: 30 mm, Y axis: 50 mm
Dimensions: width: 318 mm, depth: 413 mm, height with tablet and stand: 522 mm (without tablet and stand: 340 mm)
Weight: 16 kg

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Tablet supplied
  • Long-lasting components
  • Highly reliable
  • Fast cutting cycle
  • Single cutting station
  • Patented laser reader
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Weight kg 16