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Key Machines

Lancer Plus

Lancer Plus is a cutting machine for bit, double bit, and mail box keys.


Детали продукта

  • The face side and bullet cuts are carried out without removing the keys from the jaws.
  • All sides of the cut can be cut without removing the key from the jaw.
  • Microswitch for activating the cutting tools applied to the main joystick control lever.
  • Two cutters, one for straight cuts, and one for side cuts and wards. The motor is covered by a protecting housing

Energy supply: single phase
Cutter: HSS (super speed steel)
Jaws: reversible (180°) and removable
Movements: syncronised by means of 3 axes on ball bearing guides
Dimensions: Width 450 mm, Depth 680 mm, Height 300 mm
Weight: 33 Kg

Machine for Bit and Double Bit Keys and Keys with internal Cuts.