Silca offers a wide range of transponders to be used for the cloning and programming of vehicle keys and remotes. Our products are certified and tested with high quality controls to guarantee your key service maximum quality through time and great results. Silca has developed a  Transponder Catalog helping  you quickly identify the exact transponder to be used in each  key  cloning or programming operation  by identifying the car or the transponder type.Silca Transponder catalogue  also offers you the possibility to easily order the products to your wholesaler, or directly to Silca, simply by photographing the bar code indicated next to each product with the free Silca Bar Code Ordering App. Start an automotive key service has never been easier.

Wide range of Silca transponders used in the cloning and programming of vehicle keys and remotes.

Silca Transponder T49 The first worldwide solution for cloning NXP Hitag* 3 transponders for Honda*. * Silca is not the owner of the intellectual property nor of any licences in relation to brands of motor vehicles, transponders or...