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MySilca App: Barcode Ordering


MySilca Barcode Ordering is the simplest and quickest way to order Silca products 

Designed for all those who are ordering Silca products, either directly via Silca or via Wholesaler/Distributor. This MySilca App application offers different processes according to each customers' ordering needs and has been designed to be intuitive, easy, and extremely fast.

From today your smartphone is the tool to place your orders. To start the system just scan barcodes on packaging, on barcoded catalogues or on barcoded key tags. Ask for your barcoded catalogue or key tags from your Silca Sales representative.
MySilca Barcode Ordering is free, downloadable from Google Play and App Store.

How to register (YouTube)
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10 good reasons to choose MySilca Barcode Ordering

  • Fast: Only a few seconds to prepare an order.
  • Simple: Just a few intuitive steps and the order is completed and sent.
  • Easy: Order Silca products in a click using your own smartphone.
  • Free: MySilca App and Barcode Ordering are free, just download them.
  • Secure: MySilca Barcode Ordering is secure helping you to identify and enter only correct product codes.
  • Time saving: MySilca App is designed to help you save time while ordering. Your time is precious for us.
  • 24/7 Service: MySilca Barcode Ordering service is always available, 24/7.
  • Updated: With MySilca Barcode Ordering you know you are choosing from the most updated product range in the key business.
  • To hand: MySilca Barcode Ordering is always to hand in your pocket on your smartphone.
  • Smart: You always have access to your order archive, further speeding up the ordering time for frequently purchased items.

How it works

  1. Download MySilca App from Google Play Store or App Store (or update your existing MySilca app version) and install it.
  2. Look for Silca barcodes directly on product boxes, on barcoded Silca catalogues, on barcoded Silca key tags and take a picture of the codes you want to order.
  3. Modify the single product quantity according to your needs.
  4. Check your order summary.
  5. Choose or confirm your order address from your address book and confirm the shipping address
  6. Send the order: the entire process is successfully completed.

Video tutorial - Buy via Silca Distributor or Wholesaler (YouTube)
Video tutorial - Buy from Silca (YouTube)

System requirements and instructions for installing MySilca

  • Minimum Android version required: 4.0.
  • Minimum iOs version required: 8.
  • If you access directly Google Play or App Store, type "MySilca" in the search box of the App section.
  • A data connection is required when installing and using MySilca.


Barcode Ordering - Brochure (PDF)