Mașini de copiat chei
Mașini de copiat chei

Duo Plus

Mechanical key-cutting machine for making copies of: flat cylinder and vehicle keys and cruciform keys (left-hand carriage); bit and double bit keys, post box keys and special keys such as Abus® and Abloy® type keys (right-hand carriage).
Abus® and Abloy® are registered trade marks


Detalii produs

  • Flared cuts: the special tilting mechanism provided by the combination of a dedicated shaft and carriage movement makes it possible to make excellent flares on bit and double bit keys.
  • Carriage movement: provided with an innovative release system to allow working with a free-moving or regulated carriage.
  • Cylinder keys carriage: four-sided revolving clamps.
  • Bit and double bit keys carriage: two/three sided revolving clamps with special gripping system for Abus® and Abloy® type keys.
  • Operator safety: mobile cutter safety shield, cut-out switch that triggers automatically if power fails.
    Abus® and Abloy® are registered trade marks

Motor: One-speed single phase
Power supply: 230V-50Hz/120V-60Hz
Dimensions: Width: 510 mm, Depth: 450 mm, Height: 280 mm
Net weight: 23 Kg

  • Double cutting station
  • Long-lasting components
  • Illumination
  • Carriage release system
  • Ergonomic hadles

Machine for Flat, Vehicle, Cruciform, Bit, Double Bit, Pump, Mail Boxes, Collar and Abloy Keys.