Mașini de copiat chei
Mașini de copiat chei


The Bravo key cutting machines sum up the know-how Silca has developed in over forty years of industry leadership and are a safe bet for the locksmith searching a durable, reliable and practical mechanical key cutting machine.


Detalii produs

  • Smooth to handle carriage: Bravo Maxima features smooth and stable carriage movements. Thanks to the special internal mechanism, the plays while shifting the carriage are reduced to the minimum for precise key cutting operations.
  • Long-lasting structure: The bushings of the carriage shaft apply a technology used in the automotive industry and are covered with special oils that guarantee better sliding and resistance to wear.Their dust removing system hinders the intrusion of metal chippings while cutting for a longer life and more precise cutting results.
  • Digital tracer point: The machine is equipped with a digital tracer point with micrometric adjustment ring nut (+/- 0,01 mm) for accurate cutting results.
  • Practical and ergonomic work station: The carriage is released by pressing the red button between the clamps, which automatically activates the cutter for practical and safe key cutting operations. The ergonomic levers and knobs and the neon lamp in optimized position above the key cutting area ensure the work station is comfortable and well illuminated.
  • Optimized four-sided clamps: The four-sided clamps accommodate a wide variety of keys and feature an easy- to-rotate system for a quick tool adjustment. The patented dynamometric clamping system with controlled movement knobs ensure perfect key locking. The grip is balanced and secure to avoid damage to the key and to the clamp due to wrong or excessive pressure.
  • Double cutter speed for better control: The cutter speed can be adjusted according to the type of cut keys for better performances. You can choose between a speed of 650 rpm and 1230 rpm by rotating the dedicated selector. The de-burring brush is turned on via the special switch and rotates at the same speed of the cutter.
  • Clean working area: Bravo Maxima has two plexiglas covers that protect the user from metal chips and convey them into the pull-out swarf tray below the machine.
  • Safety devices: The on-off switch features a safety cut-out for user protection. The carriage cannot be released until the gauges have been disengaged for avoiding accidental damage.

Machine for Flat, Vehicle and Cruciform Keys.