Remotes Air4 Plus

Air4 Plus duplicates the widest range of both fixed and rolling code remotes available on the market. Air4 Plus: for frequencies 433.92 and 868.35 MHz (AM/FM) (fixed and rolling codes).




  • Ergonomic, functional, cool design: Air4 Plus has anatomical grip, anti-slip profile and a string for easy attachment to key rings.
  • Quick and easy duplication: Thanks to automatic recognition of the remote’s code and frequency and the simple programming procedure.
  • Air4 Plus and Easy Scan Plus: Easy to use and portable, it guides you through the entire duplication process; identifying the original remote, advising which Silca remote is needed and copying the new remote.
  • New advanced functions: With Silca’s application of NFC technology in the Easy Scan Plus and Air4 Plus, together with the new advanced software, it’s possible to perform a series of functions essential for offering an effective remote duplication service.
  • Latest functionality always available: The same use of NFC technology means that the Air4 Plus remotes are updateable.
  • Easily identify an original remote: The software programme contains an extensive database of original remotes that can be searched by make, model, frequency, type of remote (fixed or rolling) etc.Photos of each original remote make the search even easier.
  • Choice of 5 colours: Available in red, powder blue, ivory, graphite and dove grey, Air4 has contoured push buttons and a lanyard for easy attachment to key rings.