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Remotes Air4

The range of Air4 remotes combines a modern design with state-of-the-art technology and includes different models to cover the vast majority of remotes available on the market, including 128bit models. The range covers fixed and rolling code remotes, remotes using quartz technology and with frequencies ranging from 27 to 40.685 MHz, and from 433.92 to 868.35 MHz.




Widest remotes coverage
With Air4 remotes you can duplicate the largest variety of fixed and rolling code remotes available on the European market.
Duplicate 128bit remotes
The Air4 V Plus 128 duplicates Cardin® 128bit remotes, FAAC® and Genius® ‘slave’ remotes in around a minute and is automatically updated with new applications via the Easy Scan Plus and Air4 Remote Programming Software.
Simple duplication procedure
Duplicate your customers’ remotes quickly and easily thanks to the head-to-head automatic add-on, self learning frequencies function and simple programming procedure. The procedure is even easier with the Silca Easy Scan Plus device and Air4 Remote Programming software.
Broadens the selling opportunity
Offer not only duplication but also greater convenience. Customers can replace up to four different remotes with just one single device.
Choice of 5 colours
Available in red, powder blue, ivory, graphite and dove grey, Air4 has contoured push buttons and a lanyard for easy attachment to key rings. The Air4 Q remotes are available in three finishes: black with white borders and white with red or grey borders.
Compatible with Air4 Home and Air4 Receivers
The range of Air4 remotes is compatible with the innovative Air4 Home solution and with the Air4 Receiver and Air4 Universal Receiver.