Air4 and Air4 Home

Air4 Universal Receiver

Air4 Universal Receiver is the solution for remotely releasing installed barriers, gates and garage doors when the control unit is broken or blocked. The receiver enables the gate or garage door to be opened with the supplied Air4 remote, by-passing the original system via the receiver. Air4 Universal Receiver is compatible with Air4 Home and Air4 Home Pro, offering an integrated, smart access solution.

The solution that saves you money and trouble
Help your customers avoid the need for expensive replacement equipment. Air4 Universal Receiver is the ideal solution when:
• the original remotes are lost;
• additional remotes cannot be created because the system was blocked by the installer;
• obsolete technology has been used that doesn’t permit copies of remotes to be made (for example Quartz remotes).




  • Multi-functional: Air4 Universal Receiver works with automated garage doors, barriers and both sliding or swing gates. It can also be used to remotely switch on and off other functions such as an external light or a garden irrigation system.
  • Advanced applications: Advanced features include the possibility to set the time in minutes or seconds that the switch is operational, for example to set the time a light stays on.
  • Highly compatible system with powerful storage capacity: Air4 Universal Receiver is compatible with most original systems and can memorize up to 280 different remote functions: the ideal solution for apartment blocks or businesses with communal entrance gates or barriers.
  • No programming needed: The Silca Air4 remote supplied is pre-programmed to work immediately. No additional programming operations are needed. The remote is a high-security rolling code type, with frequency ranging from 433 and 868 MHz.
  • Suitable when all remotes are lost: If the remote is lost or damaged, new Silca remotes can be programmed directly from the receiver.
  • Flexibility to add new functions to the remote: The receiver is programmed onto one button leaving 3 buttons free to control other automated systems.
  • Compatible with Air4 Home: Air4 Universal Receiver makes systems compatible with advanced technology like the Silca Air4 Home to enable gates and garage doors to be opened with a smartphone.

  • Opens sliding or swing gate
  • Opens garage doors
  • Opens barriers
  • Suits most original systems
  • Compatible with AIR4 Home
  • New remotes add-on