Air4 and Air4 Home

Air4 Receiver

Air4 Receiver is the remote release for installed electromechanical doors and gates. The solution consists of an easy-to-install receiver and an Air4 remote, for opening 12V and 15V electronic locks, such as pedestrian gates and building entrance doors. Air4 Receiver is compatible with Air4 Home and Air4 Home Pro, offering an integrated, smart access solution.




  • Practical solution: With Air4 Receiver there’s no need to search for a key or go to the switch to open the gate. Just press the button on your Air4 remote and the gate will open.
  • Highly adaptable: The compact size of the receiver fits most switch housing boxes. It can be installed both indoors, in the switch housing box, and outdoors, provided it is placed inside a watertight box.
  • No programming needed: The Silca Air4 remote supplied is pre-programmed to work immediately. No additional programming operations are needed. The remote is a high-security rolling code type, with frequency ranging from 433 and 868 MHz.
  • Flexibility to add new functions to your remote: The receiver is programmed onto one button leaving 3 other buttons free to control other automated systems like the garage door or main gate. Additional Silca remotes can be purchased and easily copied from the remote supplied.
  • Ideal for apartment blocks and small businesses: Air4 Receiver is compatible with Air4 Home and Air4 Home Pro, the advanced remote solutions that enable gates and garage doors to be released with a smartphone. This makes Air4 Receiver ideal for apartment blocks and small businesses with communal entrance doors and gates.
  • Perfect when all remotes are lost: If the remote is lost or damaged, new Silca remotes can be programmed directly from the receiver.
  • Easy installation: Installing Air4 Receiver is extremely easy and does not require professional support.