Marker 2000

Marker 2000 is the first professional electronic machine to use amicropoint system of engraving without the removal of material, specially designed for the marking of keys, cylinder, plaques and medals.



  • Marking: The marking process uses innovative technology which makes it possible to write without removing material from the object and without altering the surface, guaranteeing constant quality.
  • Marker punch: The super rapid steel alloy punch reaches a maximum frequency of 80 punches per second. The marking depth is simple to regulate with the special punch regulation ring. The punch is simple to replace and can be customized for special needs (“flat” form fornon-standard height lettering).
  • Display: Liquid crystal display, illuminated from behind and positioned in the upper part of the machine to ensure excellent visibility for the operator.
  • Tracking: A special patented laser system ensures rapid and precise location of the marking zones, which can be updated by means of the tracking disk.
  • Clamp: Standard C1 clamp ensures perfect rapid grip of most type of keys. Marker 2000 is designed to take up to 15 different clamps, including an automatic feeder.
  • Marker 2000 has been designed to work either Stand-Alone or with a Personal Computer.
  • Software: Program designed to operate in Windows environment. Protection through a password and Silca Hardware Protection. Windows graphics interface. Predisposed to extend functions and customize configurations. User-friendly software, available in 5 different language, constantly updated.

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Power supply: 230V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Punch: Interchangeable, in super rapid tempered steel alloy
Max punch frequency: 80 punches per second
Movements: on 2 axes
Marker runs: X-axis: 50 mm, Y-axis: 35 mm
Dimensions: Width: 220 mm, Depth: 320 mm, Height: 450 mm
Weight: 20 Kg