Optika Light

Optika Light can recognise the profiles of all the following key types: flat cylinder, bit, double bit, pump and dimple keys. It can also read the cuts of bit, double bit and pump keys and send the data to the Idea electronic key cutting machine to make a key copy.



  • Profile reading of the following key types: cylinder, bit, double bit, pump and dimple.
  • Key cuts reading for bit, double bit and pump keys.
  • Key identification: simplified key reading and key searching function. Immediate identification of the right key blank to be used.
  • Specific database for geographical areas: a complete database of Silca references organized into macro geographical areas. When searching for a profile, users may choose the appropriate geographical area to achieve the results best suited to their market.
  • Customizable database: users may create their own Silca reference database using the Key Reader Program.
  • Updating Optika Light data is easy and immediate via pen drive (provided).
  • Device upgrade: Optika Light can be easily upgraded to standard Optika version (PC driven).
  • Graphic display with reading results in real time.
  • Unique jaw support for all key types with innovative open-close and adjusting system.
  • Multilanguage software available in the following languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Dutch, Czech, Turkish, Swedish.
  • “Stand By” mode for power saving.
  • Discover more:Key Reader Program - SKP
    Silca Remote Service - SKP



Width: 190 mm
Depth: 480 mm
Height: 400 mm
Weight: 9 Kg