Key Machines

Flash Mobile

Battery operated, lightweight and easy to use for “on the go locksmithing” Flash Mobile is a battery operated, mechanical key cutting machine for flat cylinder and vehicle keys. It cuts also cruciform keys and keys with long neck, tip-stop and a flip mechanism. Flash Mobile is easy to use and contains a quality PCB controlling the battery status. Lightweight, durable and compact, it is perfect for small shops, and “on the go locksmithing”



  • Battery operated for “on the go locksmithing”
  • Smooth carriage movements
  • Resistant-to-wear cutter
  • Four-sided clamps mean flexibility of use
  • Optimized calibration
  • Space-saving solution for fixed or mobile use
  • Safe for the user
  • Cut keys finished perfectly

Power supply: Li-Ion Battery 22,2V 2900 mAh Power adaptor: MeanWell GST60A24-P1J - 24V - 2.5A

Cutter motor: 12VDC 120W

Cutter speed: 2200 rpm +/-10%

Cutter: AlTiN coated HSS (high speed steel)Runs (max length of cuts): 42 mm

Carriage movements: by rectified carriage shaft and rack

Runs (max length of cuts): 42 mm

Dimensions: Width: 325 mm, Depth: 250 mm, Height: 250 mm

Weight: 8.7 kg