Key Machines

Delta 2000 MC

Key cutting machine to cut Ford® (FO19P-FO20P), Abus® (AB32-AB38P) and Abloy® type keys.



  • Innovative, small and compact.
  • Versatile.
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Conformity to CE standards.
  • Optional: "FO" carriage to duplicate by code of Ford Tibbe® (FO21P) and Jaguar® (TBE1P-TBE2P) type keys.
  • Optional: "AY" carriage for Abloy® (AY1-AY2-AY11) type keys duplicating by code.

Motor: One speed single phase
Power supply: 230V-50Hz
Cutter: HSS (Super Rapid Steel)
Dimensions: Width: 210 mm, Depth: 370 mm, Height: 250 mm
Weight: 14 Kg

  • Compact, versatile, easy to use
  • Adjustable tracer point
  • Single speed cutter motor
  • Interchangeable carriage
  • Cutter made of HSS (High Speed Steel)
  • Brush ø 55x15mm
  • Weight kg 14
  • Duplicates Ford®, Abus®, Abloy® and Ava®-Chubb®

Machine for Special Keys.