Key Machines

Matrix Pro S

The mechanical machine for high quality cutting of dimple, laser and tubular keys Matrix Pro S is the quality mechanical key cutting machine for dimple keys with flat cuts, laser and tubular keys. The machine features: fixed clamp with four positions for accommodating different types of keys, electromechanical gauging system, quick release tool change, led lights with proximity sensors, aluminium levers and knobs with hypoallergenic coating.



  • Optimized fixed clamp for a wide range of keys: Matrix Pro S features a fixed clamp with four different positions for easily installing a wide array of keys: dimple keys with flat cuts (also type Abus®, Bricard®, Cisa®), laser keys (also type HU66 and Mercedes® HU64) and tubular keys.
  • Precise calibration for high quality cuts: the machine is equipped with sprung tracer point, micrometric regulation ring and exclusive self-aligning pliers for precise calibration and high quality cutting results. The electromechanical gauging system features an intuitive display for checking the correct setting of the tools before cutting.
  • Time-saving set-up operations: Matrix Pro S is provided with a quick release tool change system to facilitate the machine set-up. Cutters and tracer points can be easily identified thanks to the coloured plastic collars, red and black respectively, with the name of the tool engraved on. This patented solution is a Silca exclusive and helps immediately recognize the tool you need to install.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to use: the lever of the vertical Z axis has a button that enables you to lower the tracer point/cutter unit. It also integrates the functions of automatic cutter motor start and Z-axis block. This solution ensures more safety for the operator and grants a faster and more efficient use. Knobs and levers feature an ergonomic design and a hypoallergenic coating. The rollbar allows you to rest the left hand while shifting the carriage lever for better control of the carriage and smoother movements.
  • Led lighting with proximity sensor: the led lights have a proximity sensor that automatically switches them on and off, for an ideal illumination of the work station.
  • Practical and capacious accessories areas: the incorporated pull-out accessories tray has 20 moulded positions for lodging cutters and tracer points and a wide space for other accessories, so your work area will be neat and perfectly organized. A capacious tool area on top of the machine can hold keys and other accessories while cutting.
  • Safe for the user: the machine features a transparent safety shield and a thermal-magnetic mains switch.

Power supply: 230V - 50/60Hz
Cutter motor: single phase and speed
Tool speed: 6000 rpm (for cutters in high speed steel)
Clamp: fixed and removable, with interchangeable plates
Standard tools: Cutters F1 (dimple keys) and F22 (laser keys) in high speed steel HSS Tracer points T1 (dimple keys) and T22 (laser keys) Adapters M for Mercedes® keys type HU64
Movements: on three axes by ball guides
Runs: X axis: 40 mm, Y axis: 50 mm, vertical Z axis: 30 mm
Dimensions: Width: 310 mm (400 mm with maximum lever operating space), Depth: 400 mm, Height: 470 mm
Weight: 24,6 kg

  • Tilting clamps
  • Electromechanical calibration system
  • Protective shield
  • Cutters made of HSS (High Speed Steel)
  • Carriage movements on bearing guides
  • Pull-out accessories compartment


Machine for Laser and Dimple Keys.