Key Machines


Highly appreciated by all over the world’s specialists thanks to the wide range of bit and double bit, pump and central stop keys and the great cutting accuracy. Manufactured in conformity with CE mark European standards.




  • Precision
    Excellent key cutting results.
    The cutter features a brand new design.
    It is reinforced, long-lasting, TiN-coated and ensures a perfect vibration control while cutting.
  • Safety
    Not only user-friendly, but also safe. Omnia guarantees the highest standards of safety.
    Safety devices are manifold, high-quality and easy to reach.
  • Ergonomic Design
    Your work always under control.
    Ergonomic and easily accessible working area.
    High-quality clamps to easily install a wide range of keys.
  • Comfort
    User-friendly and intuitive.
    Exclusive spring-loaded tracer point with fast release system.
    Ergonomic and comfortable.
    Carriage movement on the left-hand side and radial motion on the right-hand side.
  • High-quality Key Cutting Results
    Smooth precise and comfortable carriage movements to duplicate any type of key.
    Excellent pump keys cutting thanks to the cutter always in axes with the keys.
  • Special Keys
    Quick and user-friendly clamping of longstemmed and specially-shaped keys.
    Female keys cutting innovation: the entire tailstocks set (optional) is specifically designed to cover the most frequent types of such keys and is conveniently located on top of the machine.
  • Motor
    Single optimized motor speed to cut keys without the need to regulate the machine’s speed.
    Controlled noise levels thanks to the machine’s cover.
  • Optimized Working Area
    Neat and clean working area.
    Wide and spacious accessories area on top of the machine, easily-accessible and designed to fit even long stemmed keys.
    The incorporated tool holder dedicated to female keys tailstocks (optional) guarantees quick identification and immediate finding of the right accessory.
  • Innovative Details
    Ergonomic design of the machine's components and structural features.
    Led lighting to have a complete, bright and diffused illumination of the working area.

Motor: Single phase and speed
Power supply: 230V - 50Hz
Cutter: TiN-coated HSS (Super Rapid Steel)
Movements: On cross table by ball guides (carriage) and ball socket joint (lever)
Carriage runs: 53 mm X axis, 42 mm Y axis
Dimensions: Width: 395 mm, Depth: 550 mm, Height: 320 mm
Weight: 32 Kg

  • Designed for clamping long-stemmed keys
  • Carriage movements by bearing guides
  • Automatic safety switch-off
  • Tool holder for accessories and tailstocks
  • TiN-coated cutter made of HSS (High Speed Steel)
  • Excellent view and access to the working area

Machine for Bit and Double Bit Keys.