Complementary Products

Silca Point

With Silca Point the partnership with Silca is reinforced and the image of key cutting centres is professional, recognizable and strong.



  • Design: functionality above all, and ergonomics to make your work more rational, faster and more profitable. The concept is of fittings that go together to make up a work station and storage unit, functional, but also attractive to the eye.
  • Composability: Silca Point gives you infinite possibilities to create linear or corner arrangements. You can start in a small way and then think big as time goes by.
  • A Silca Idea, made in Silca: your image is our image. You will be even more professional, recognizable and distinctive. Silca Point will make you a benchmark for quality key cutting services.
  • Generous and rigorous: Silca developed an easy-to-assemble system. Instructions are simple and only a few tools are needed: assembly is quick and effortless.
  • Guarantee: Silca Point carries a two year guarantee on all its parts.
  • Customizable: create your personalized Silca Point according to your requirements. You can create a tailor-made key duplication center choosing from different colors, finishes and components.
  • Logical: functional, but fun: Silca Point has a clever and modular structure, with a colorful and friendly soul.
  • Ecological: the packaging is completely recyclable, there are no staples and the adhesive tape is made of paper. Silca’s contribution to protecting the environment.