Universal Remote Car Key


The Silca Universal Remote Car Keys are a range of quality remotes that, once programmed, duplicate the functions of the original vehicle key. They come in four different designs suitable for the most popular brands worldwide, feature three push buttons for lock, unlock and boot release, and incorporate a Silca quality retractable flip blade.

The Silca Universal Remote Cable connects the remote to the smartphone to pre-set a new remote in just a few seconds. You just need to select the vehicle model from MySilca SRP app and the cable enables pre-set data to be written onto the remote key.




  • Proven, popular key designs

The Silca Universal Remote Car Keys’designs are inspired by original keysof internationally recognizable brands,providing a ‘like-original’ solution at amuch more affordable price com-pared to authorized car dealers. Youcan choose from 4 different designs.

  • Robust, quality Silca blades

The Silca Universal Remote Car Keysare made with long-lasting components, feature a robust flip mecha-nism and are compatible with a new, wide range of Silca quality CH blades.We suggest using the Silca pin fixing tool AVH4000 for easily blocking the blade to the remote. The pins are supplied with the remote.

  • Wide vehicle coverage from alow inventory

Hundreds of vehicle models can be programmed from the range key variants, combined with the special CH blades. Each reference can come with or without transponder, depending on its applications.

  • Immediate, plug’n’play solution

The Silca Universal Remote Car Key guarantees a prompt and immediate service to the customer: the smartphone is virtually always with you,right in your pocket. You just need to download the free MySilca SRP app and connect the cable.

  • Quick and easy to pre-set

The remote is pre-set automatically once you connect it to the smartphone via the Universal Remote Ca-ble and select the relevant vehicle model in the user-friendly MySilcaSRP app.