RW4 Plus

RW4 Plus is the cloning device for reading and copying in stand-alone mode a wide range of transponders.




  • Transponder reading: RW4 Plus detects the presence of fixed code and Crypto transponders in a vehicle key, including the most recent Hitag® 3, Hitag® Pro, Hitag® AES, DST AES and Megamos®AES. It also identifies the type showing it on the display.
  • Transponder copying and writing: RW4 Plus copies and writes quickly and accurately the following types of transponders:
  • - Texas® fixed codeID4Cusing Silca GTI,
  • - Temic®, Philips® and Megamos® fixed codeusing Silca T5,
  • - Philips® Crypto ID40, ID41, ID42, ID4W and ID45 using Silca T10, T25, T28, T29 and T50 transponders,
  • - Philips® Crypto 2 ID46using Silca GTI,
  • - Texas® Crypto ID4Dusing Silca GTI,
  • - Texas® Crypto 2 ID6F using Silca GTI,
  • - Texas® Crypto 3 ID6A using Silca GTI,
  • - Texas® Crypto 80 bit for Toyota®, Hyundai®, Kia® and Ford® using Silca T80+,
  • - Texas® Crypto 128 bit Toyota® ‘H’ 7A-39 using Silca T128C,
  • - Megamos® Crypto ID48-A and ID48-Kusing Silca T33,
  • - Megamos® Crypto ID48, ID48-A1, ID48-A2, ID48-A3 and ID48-A4using Silca T48,
  • - NXP Hitag® 3 for Honda®ID49 using Silca T49,
  • - Holden® Commodore keys type 1 and 2.
  • Transponder generation in stand-alone mode: RW4 Plus is able to generate in stand-alone codes for certain fixed code transponders and Texas® Crypto 80 and 128 bit transponders used on popular Ford®, Subaru® and Toyota®vehicles and to generate Hitag® 3 ID49-1Ctransponders for Honda®.For the most common models of the Fiat® group, RW4 Plus can also pre- code Philips® Crypto ID46 and Megamos® Crypto ID48 transponders using data read by the Advanced Diagnostics devices.

  • Transponder generation with a PC: using the free software TRP Setting, RW4 Plus can generate the follow-ing transponder types: Texas® Crypto 40, 80 and 128 bit, Megamos®Crypto, Philips® Crypto, Philips® Crypto 2 and Hitag® 3 for Honda®.
  • Codes archive: RW4 Plus: Up to 99 transponder codes can be saved in an on board archive that can be easily deleted when required. Unlimited codes can be archived when using a PC and the Silca Transponder Program.
  • Easy powering: RW4 Plus can be easily powered up in any vehicle by means of a cigarette lighter socket cable.
  • M-Box : M-Box is the easy-to-use device that, once connected to the RW4 Plus, clones Megamos® Crypto ID48 transponders used in over 200 models of major automotive groups, such as Audi®, Fiat®, Seat®, Škoda®, Volkswagen® and Volvo®, and Texas® 80 bit transponders for Ford®, Hyundai® and Kia®. M-Box needs an internet connection to access the Silca server via cloud and copy in virtually no time the indicated transponders.
  • U-Snoop : U-Snoop is the universal Silca device for reading original key data directly from the car immobilizer. Just wrap the key around the U-Snoop elastic band and turn it in the car ignition until the U-Snoop LEDs illuminate to confirm successful sniffing. Data will then be read and pro-cessed by RW4 Plus. U-Snoop is used in the Silca ID46, ID48 and ID49 Solu-tions.

Power supply: Device: 15Vdc - 10W
Universal power provider: 100/240 Vac - 50/60 Hz 15 Vdc - 3A
Antenna field frequencies: 125 KHz
Dimensions: Length: 245 mm, Width: 160 mm, Height: 80 mm
Weight: 0,6 Kg