Fast Copy Plus

Fast Copy Plus is the cloning device for reading and copying in stand-alone mode a wide range of transponders.




  • Transponder reading: Fast Copy Plus detects the presence of fixed code and Crypto transponders in a vehicle key and identifies the type showing it on the display. The device can recognize the presence of several other transponders including Philips® Crypto 3, Megamos® Crypto 2 and Texas® AES transponders.
  • Transponder copying and writing: Fast Copy Plus copies and writes quickly and accurately the following types of transponders:
    - Texas® fixed code ID4C using Silca GTI,
    - Temic®, Philips® and Megamos® fixed code using Silca T5,
    - Philips® Crypto ID40, ID41, ID42, ID4W and ID45 using Silca T10, T25, T28, T29 and T50,
    - Philips® Crypto 2 ID46 using Silca GTI,
    - Texas® Crypto ID4D using Silca GTI,
    - Texas® Crypto 2 ID6F using Silca GTI,
    - Texas® Crypto 3 ID6A using Silca GTI,
    - Texas® Crypto 80 bit Toyota® ‘G’ ID6E-36 and Valeo® ID6E-37 using Silca T80,
    - Megamos® Crypto ID48-A and ID48-K using Silca T33,
    - Megamos® Crypto ID48, ID48-A1, ID48-A2, ID48-A3 and ID48-A4 using Silca T48,
    - Holden® Commodore keys type 1 and 2.
  • Transponder generation with a PC: Using the free software TRP Setting, Fast Copy Plus can generate Texas® Crypto 40 bit, Texas® Crypto 80 bit, Megamos® Crypto, Philips® Crypto and Philips® Crypto 2 transponders.
  • Codes archive: An unlimited number of codes can be archived when using Fast Copy Plus with a PC and the Silca Transponder Program.
  • Easy powering: Fast Copy Plus can be easily powered up in any vehicle by means of a cigarette lighter socket cable.
  • Silca ID46 Solution: With the Silca ID46 Solution copying Philips® Crypto 2 ID46 transponders is easy: you just need the original key together with the exclusive Silca Snoop device, designed to read data by inserting the key in the ignition lock. Only two key data acquisitions are required to complete the cloning process.
  • Silca ID48 Solution: The Silca ID48 Solution allows you to copy Megamos® Crypto ID48 transponders used on over 200 vehicles from all the major automotive groups. It is a web-based solution that makes use of the M-Box add-on hardware, whose internal software is updated automatically, and the unique M-Snoop technology for reading original key data. The entire process is quick and easy: only three data acquisitions are required and the decoding of encrypted transponder data is done online.

Power supply: Machine: 15Vdc - 10W
Universal power provider: 100/240 Vac - 50/60 Hz 15 Vdc - 3A
Antenna field frequencies: 125 KHz
Dimensions: Length: 245 mm, Width: 160 mm, Height: 80 mm
Weight: 0,6 Kg