Easy Scan Plus

Easy to use and portable, Easy Scan Plus guides you through the entire duplication process; identifying the original remote, advising which Silca remote is needed and copying the new remote.


Product videos

Product details

  • Quick and easy duplication: Thanks to automatic recognition of the remote’s code and frequency and the simple programming procedure.
  • Unique, new, advanced functions: With Silca’s patented application of NFC technology in the Easy Scan Plus and Air4 Plus, together with the new advanced software, it’s possible to perform a series of functions essential for offering an effective remote duplication service.
  • Latest functionality always available: The same use of NFC technology means that the Air4 Plus remotes are updateable.

Stand Alone function

  • Identifies the frequency and code type of the original remote (fixed or rolling code).
  • Signals whether it is possible to duplicate the remote and, if yes, which Silca Air4 remote to use.
  • Checks that the new remote duplicated corresponds with the original.
  • Operates as a frequency meter to read the frequency of the original and copied remotes.
  • Tunes the signal intensity of quartz remotes.
  • All the functions of the original Easy Scan are included.

Functions using a PC and the “Air4 Programming Software“ (optional)

  • Offers a range of unique and special functions essential for a professional remote duplication service.
  • Updates the internal software of Easy Scan Plus and Air4 Plus remotes.
    Special functions:
    - Easily identify an original remote,
    - Duplicate new remotes,
    - Generate most popular remotes without need for the original using the software database,
    - Other advanced features like fine-tuning the remote frequency and changing installer codes.

Power supply: Two rechargeable nickel-metal hydride 1.2V ‘AA’ type batteries (supplied). Via a PC using the USB cable (supplied). Direct from the mains using a USB connector (not supplied)
Voltage: 5 VDC with an external power supply - 2.4 VDC with the batteries
Antenna field frequency: Antenna NFC: 13,56 MHz - Antenna HF: 26,720 - 871.1 MHz
Dimensions: Width: 148 mm, Depth: 90 mm, Height: 25 mm
Weight: 172,50 gr. (without batteries)