Taggy Keys

The first key designed for the users to tag themselves Taggy Keys are a patented range designed to help customers identify their keys. They incorporate a plastic tag, available in five different colours, that can be easily customized by the users, thus making their key bunch more organized and, at the same, the individual keys more recognizable. Taggy Keys: the only keys that you open, tag and close.


Product details

  • Lightweight
  • Rounded, iconic shape
  • Proven resistance
  • Popular references
  • Unique design in multiple colours
  • Differentiated offer
  • New sales opportunities
  • Advertising support
  • Limitless opportunities for new colours and finishes

Taggy Keys are available for the following references, in the long neck version: AAA1, AB1, BD9R, BK1, CB6, CE2, CIS12X, CS206, CS207, DM119, FH13, LT4, LW4, LW5, OC074, RO41, RU14, RU1, TE2X, TR4, UL050, UL051, UL052, UL058, VAC151, VAC2, VI080, VI086, WK1.

The SAP code of this key range ends in FZ.

Available in boxes of 50 pcs in assorted colours.

Code example: AUL050FZ   20