Key Machines
Key Machines


Key cutting machine for tubular keys with frontal cuts.


Product details

  • Standard version supplied synchronised self-centering clamp (T10) for tubular keys.
  • The synchronisation device automatically rotates the key blank proportionately as the original key is rotated.
  • Rotation may be free through 360° or set to stop in 6 or 8 predetermined positions, by operating a selector.
  • 12 additional clamps are available on request for special requirements.

Motor: Single-phase motor
Power supply: 230V-50Hz, 110V-60Hz
Cutter: Ø 5,95 mm
Dimensions: Width: 230 mm, Depth: 450 mm, Height: 180 mm
Weight: 17 Kg

  • Preset angled positions 6 pos. every 60° - 8 pos. every 60°
  • Diameter of tubular keys that can be installed from Ø9,2 to Ø10,2
  • Standard cutter diameter Ø5,95
  • Weight kg 15,5


Machine for Special Keys.