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Unocode Pro

Designed for experienced locksmiths and professional key cutters, Unocode Pro wraps together outstanding performance, ease of use and high-quality components. The machine can work both in stand-alone mode or with a PC connection that enables you to access the largest key database available on the market via user-friendly software.


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Product details

  • Faster cutting cycle: Unocode Pro features new pulley ratios, delivering more torque to the cutter. The faster carriage movements reduce cycle time considerably compared with the Unocode 399 Evo:
    -10% for decoding cylinder keys;
    -25-30% for cutting cylinder keys.
  • Adjustable cutting speed: Once you have selected the cutting card to use, you can modify the cutting speed by 30%. In this way, you can speed up work queues or slow down to limit cutter wear.
  • Long-lasting cutter: The AlCrN (aluminum chromium nitride) coating keeps the cutter temperature lower whilst the optimized cutter speed ensures a longer life.
  • Quiet and stable: The reinforced structure of the machine reduces vibrations, making Unocode Pro stable and quiet.
  • Optimized clamps: The four-sided, nickel plated clamps feature a quick-release system for easier rotation and an ergonomic handle. They are rustproof and less prone to wear.
  • Clean and orderly work station: The new cutter sharpening means swarf is left only in a small area and collected in the incorporated pull-out tray on the side of the machine.
  • Improved hardware: All exposed screws are made of stainless steel for better resistance and a longer life.
  • Tools and accessories close to hand: On top of the machine there is a utensil tray with non-slip mat to help you keep your work bench neat and tidy and keep all your tools and accessories within easy reach.
  • User-friendly software interface: The software controlling the machine is designed specifically for specialists in the key cutting business and allows you to perform searches by cutting card. A number of useful functions have been added to improve maintenance so optimizing the use of the machine over time.
  • USB and RS232 port: The machine is provided with USB and RS232 port for external connectivity.
  • Graphic display: The machine is equipped with a 5.7” coloured display.

Power supply: 230V - 50Hz, 100V - 50/60Hz
Motor: single phase, one speed
Standard cutter: U01W in AlCrN coated hard metal
Cutter speed: 50Hz - 1700 rpm (+/- 10%)
Movements: on 2 axes with ball screws activated by step motors, on rectified roller guides. Possibility to add a 3rd axis to activate the optional tilting and rotating clamps.
Carriage runs: axis X: 57 mm, axis Y: 32 mm
Clamp: V100 universal four-sided, nickel plated
Dimensions: width: 450 mm, depth: 600 mm, height: 440 mm (with raised shield: 680 mm)
Weight: 38 Kg

  • Top performance, precision and quality
  • Widia cutter with AlCrN coating
  • Patented Laser Decoder
  • Patented dynamometric clamp knob
  • Double clamp for copy by original and decoding
  • Patented clamp blocking system
  • Customisable speed of carriage movements
  • Can be used in Stand Alone or with the Silca Code Program
  • Various optional clamps and adapter
  • Weight kg 38

Machine for Flat, Vehicle and Cruciform Keys.

* Can be duplicated with dedicated optional accessoires.

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