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Unocode 399

The Unocode 399 is made with a compact modular aluminum body, keypad, back-lit display, and a safety shield, that disables all cutters and movement when lifted.

Automatic depth calibration via electric contact. With electric contact it is possible to detect the current cutting depth automaticly, regardless of the clamp side that is being used, this allows double sided keys to be clamped without the use of pins. This results in ease and flexibility when clamping keys and automatically carries out tests and controls critical operations.


Product details

Axis Calibration
Fully automatic depth and space calibration permits the Unocode 399 to carry out the same function as an actual electronic key gauge; therefore no data entry or manual corrections are required by the operator.

Optical Reader Calibration
Calibration of the optical reader and the clamps is easily carried out via the electric calibrating system automatically by the Unocode 399.

Clamp Calibration
Clamp calibration is also controlled on every side by electric contact.

Cutter Calibration
Since the Unocode 399 is structured to accept a variety of cutters, the automatic cutter calibration functions with ease and percision.

Maximum carriage precision and smooth movements with axis tolerance of +/-0.03mm

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