Key Machines
Key Machines


Fast and easy to use, Speed is perfect for key cutters who have just entered the key duplication business, but also for experienced Duplicating Centres that require a precise and user-friendly machine with a wide range of optional accessories.


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Product details

  • Fast, compact and user-friendly.
  • The four-face rotating clamps give the chance to duplicate a high number of keys.
  • Ergonomic shape of handles and levers and innovative design to work in a comfortable environment.
  • Compact dimensions of the machine to save space and better organise the work station.
  • Efficiency and cleanliness of the work station are ensured by the incorporated brush for finishing cut keys and the removable chipping tray.
  • Moving parts are protected from the introduction of dust and metal chippings.

Motor: Single phase and speed 230V - 50/60Hz and 120V - 60Hz
Cutter: HSS (Super Rapid Steel)
Movements: By ball joint on rectified carriage
Standard Clamp: Four-face rotating clamp
Maximum length of cuts: 42 mm (1.65”)
Dimensions: Width: 400 mm (15.74”), Depth: 460 mm (18.11”), Height: 300 mm (11.81”)
Weight: 14 Kg (30.8 lb)

  • Sintered, nickel-plated clamps
  • Single speed cutter motor
  • Electromagnetic safety switch
  • Protective shield
  • Accessories area
  • Swarf tray
  • Wide range of optional accessories
  • Brush ø 80x16mm

Machine for Flat, Vehicle and Cruciform Keys.