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Matrix Evo

Matrix Evo is a key-cutting machine providing professional results in duplicating a wide range of keys as dimple keys with flat or inclined cuts, laser type keys and Fichet® type key (duplicated with a special adapter provided with the machine).


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Product details

  • Tolerances of hundredths in cutting results (+/-0,03 mm).
  • Tilting clamps (0° +/- 45°) with three seats dedicated to optimum positioning of different types of keys.
    Interchangeable clamps plates included.
  • Reduced noise rating during duplication phases.
  • Optimized Calibration System: Electromechanical calibration system. Innovative keypad display to facilitate calibration operations. Micrometric ring for tracer point regulation.
  • Z axis lever, controlling the movements of the vertical axis, is provided with a push button to easily activate the incorporated micro-switch ensuring safety, speed and efficiency to key duplication.
  • Roll bar rest for the left hand: provides the Operator with ideal working conditions.
  • LED illumination with manual on-off system.
  • Capacious pull-out unit for accessories, incorporated on board in an ideal position. Easily accessible on board area to place the daily used accessories and keys.

Power supply: 230V - 50Hz: 0,75 Amp. – 300 Watt, 100V/120V - 50/60Hz: 2,3 Amp. – 220 Watt
Cutter motor: Single phase 1 speed 230V 50/60 Hz - 100V/120V 50V/60 Hz
Cutters: Super speed steel
Movements: On 3 axes by ball guides
Clamps: Tilting with interchangeable plates
Runs: 40 mm (1.57“) X axis, 50 mm (1.97”) Y axis, 30 mm (1.18”) Z axis
Illumination: Led light
Dimensions: Width: 310 mm (12.20”) (with max. lever encumbrance: 400 mm – 15.75”), Depth: 400 mm (15.75”), Height: 470 mm (18.50”)
Weight: 24,6 Kg (54.23 lbs)

  • Tilting clamps
  • Electromechanical calibration system
  • Protective shield
  • Cutters made of HSS (High Speed Steel)
  • Carriage movements on bearing guides
  • Pull-out accessories compartment

Machine for Laser and Dimple Keys.