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Key Machines

Triax Pro

Designed for experienced locksmiths and professional key cutters, Triax Pro combines reliable performance, effortless use and is made exclusively from select components. The machine can work both in stand-alone mode or with a PC connection that enables you to access the largest key database available on the market via user-friendly software.


Product details

  • Faster cutting cycle: Triax Pro is equipped with a spindle able to reach speeds of up to 19000 rpm. The faster carriage movements reduce cycle time considerably compared with the Triax Quattro:
    -30-40% for decoding laser keys;
    -15-20% for cutting laser keys;
    -10-15% for decoding dimple keys;
    -25-30% for cutting dimple keys.
  • Adjustable cutting speed: Once you have selected the cutting card to use, you can modify the cutting speed by 30%. In this way, you can speed up work queues or slow down to limit cutter wear.
  • Cost-saving and flexible jaw system: The clamp features the easy-change jaws like Futura, ensuring faster installation and lower costs. This space-saving, dove tailed solution is compatible with all existing Triax clamps and, because the jaws are the same, fully interchangeable with Futura.
  • Optimized tool change: The new quick-release tool change system is fast, smooth and easy to use. It is activated by means of a simple lever with an ergonomic handle.
  • Improved hardware: The new nickel plated clamps are rustproof and less prone to wear. All exposed screws are made of stainless steel for better resistance and a longer life.
  • Tools and accessories close to hand: The cutter holder fits 14 tools and is incorporated in the machine for comfortable access. On top of the machine there is a utensil tray with non-slip mat to help you keep your work bench neat and tidy.
  • User-friendly software interface: The software controlling the machine is designed specifically for specialists in the key cutting business and allows you to perform searches by key blank, serial number, lock manufacturer, indirect code, system description. A number of useful functions have been added to improve maintenance so optimizing the use of the machine over time.
  • USB pen drive: The pen drive provided with the machine allows you to update the software in just 5 minutes, to create backups of all the data saved on the machine, to store data card codes securely and to optimize the use of the stand-alone mode.
  • Graphic display: The machine is equipped with a 5.7” coloured display.


Power supply: 230V - 50Hz, 100V - 50/60Hz
Motor: Brushless 48V - 200W
Standard cutters: W500 in carbide - W101 in carbide - W146 in carbide (for engraving)
Cutter speed: 6000 - 19000 rpm
Tracer point: U103
Tracer tower tool: 04TT
Movements: on 3 axes with ball screws activated by step motors, on rectified roller guides. Possibility to add a 4th axis with the manual or motorized optional clamps.
Carriage runs: axis X: 57 mm, axis Y: 32 mm, axis Z: 30 mm
Clamps: R29 + R28 removable - R29: with 01J and 02J jaws for cutting laser and dimple keys - R28: for engraving
Dimensions: width: 450 mm, depth: 600 mm, height: 510 mm (with raised shield: 680 mm )
Weight: 51,5 Kg

  • Top performance, precision and quality
  • Long-lasting components made of nickel-plated and stainless steel
  • Cut keys counter for each cutter
  • Easy-change jaws
  • Quick-release cutter change system
  • Weight kg 51,5

Machine for Laser, Dimple Keys and Engraving.