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Swift Plus

The mechanical key cutting machine for dimple, laser and tubular keys.
Swift Plus is the mechanical key cutting machine for dimple, laser and tubular keys. Easy and comfortable to use and made with resistant and durable materials, Swift Plus is reliable over time ensuring quality cutting results.


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Product details

  • Clamp optimized for the installation of a wide range of keys: with Swift Plus you can easily clamp a wide range of dimple, laser and tubular keys. The installation of tubular keys is made simpler thanks to a positioning device and an aligning bar that facilitate the correct adjustment of the key heads. The positioning device can be blocked using the levers on the rear of the clamp. You can also fix laser keys with narrow stems thanks to the adapters provided.

  • Precise calibration means quality key cutting: the machine is equipped with sprung tracer point and adjustment ring nut for the perfect calibration of dimple keys. This ensures quality cutting results even when original keys are worn out. The tracer ring nut is nickel plated.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable use: the levers and knobs of the machine are made of engineering plastics and, thanks to their ergonomic shape, guarantee comfortable grip and handling. The carriage shifting via rods and bushings is smooth and without plays for precise key cutting results.
  • Lightweight, resistant and durable: Swift Plus is lightweight, compact and made of top-notch components. The cutters provided are TiN plated for better wear resistance, while the motor has a longer life compared to most machines of the same category available on the market.
  • Perfect illumination of the work station: the integrated lamp guarantees a perfect lighting of the working area.
  • Practical accessories area: on the upper part of the machine there’s a handy accessories compartment that makes it easy to reach the most frequently used Tools.
  • Safe for the operator: the mains switch of the machine is thermal-magnetic, a security device that prevents that the cutter automatically turns on after an abrupt interruption and reactivation of the electric power.

Power supply: 220V-230V / 50-60Hz
Cutter motor: single phase and speed
Movements: on three axes via rods and bushings
Cutting tools: HSS (high speed steel) with TiN Coating
Tool speed: 50Hz: 6000 rpm (+/- 10%), 60Hz: 6000 rpm (+/- 10%)
Carriage runs: X axis: 24 mm, Y axis: 50 mm, Z vertical axis: 22 mm
Dimensions: Width: 260 mm, Depth: 285 mm, Height: 315 mm
Weight: 12 kg

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Resistant and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for the user
  • Accessories area
  • Carriage movements on shafts and bearings

Machine for Laser and Dimple Keys.

* Cut with dedicated optional accessoires.