Transponder T50

The transponder T50 is a multi-use Silca wedge transponder that works with the RW4 Plus or Fast Copy Plus to clone:

  • Philips® Crypto ID41 for Nissan®;
  • Philips® Crypto ID42 for Ford®, Seat® and Volkswagen®;
  • Philips® Crypto ID4W for Ford®, Seat® and Volkswagen®;
  • Philips® Crypto ID45 for Peugeot®.

Product details

  • Multi-use transponder to copy Philips® Crypto type transponders (ID41, ID42, ID4W and ID45) for specific Ford®, LDV®, Nissan®, Peugeot®, Seat® and Volkswagen® vehicle models.
  • T50 is perfect for Look A-like and Flip keys and other Silca transponder keys within the automotive range.
  • Reliable, high-quality solution guaranteed by Silca.
  • T50 is compatible only with Silca transponder cloning devices RW4 Plus and Fast Copy Plus. Please note that RW4+M-Box+P-Box and Fast Copy+M-Box+P-Box do not support the cloning of this transponder.
  • Available in one-piece packages optimized for hook display.