Transponder T33

Silca’s T33 rewritable glass transponder will allow you to copy Megamos® Crypto type transponders (ID48-A and ID48-K) for the most popular Chevrolet-Daewoo®, Kia® and Pontiac® vehicle models. T33 is a reliable CE-certified solution, guaranteed by Silca.


Product details

  • Rewritable transponder to copy Megamos® Crypto type transponders (ID48-A and ID48-K) for specific Chevolet-Daewoo®, Kia® and Pontiac® models.
  • T33 is perfect for Silca Look A-like and Flip keys and other transponder keys within the automotive range thanks to its compact dimensions (just 3 mm of diameter and 13 mm of length).
  • Reliable, high-quality solution guaranteed by Silca.
  • T33 is compatible with Silca transponder devices RW4, RW4 Plus, Fast Copy and Fast Copy Plus and with the majority of devices designed to copy and program transponders available on the market.
  • Available in one-piece packages optimized for hook display.