Silca T80+

Silca T80+ is the unique solution for cloning transponders for many of the most sold Ford®, Toyota®, Hyundai® and Kia® models worldwide. The Silca T80+ solution also pre-sets 80 bit transponders for Subaru® vehicles ready for programming with a diagnostic device.


Product details

  • Free software available for RW4 Plus and Fast Copy Plus users: The solution is available with a simple software update of the RW4 Plus and Fast Copy Plus devices to the 04.06.091 version. The M-Box is also needed (except when cloning Toyota® vehicles). The solution is not available for RW4 + P-Box and Fast Copy + P-Box.
  • Wide coverage: In total around 97% of all vehicles using 80 bit transponders can be cloned.
  • No need to operate inside the car: The transponder can be cloned without the need to connect with the vehicle via a ‘snoop’ device making the process easier and more streamlined. The entire process requires on average less than five minutes.
  • Internet connection required: The Silca T80+ does not require a PC or a fixed internet connection to clone. The cloning can be done via the smartphone or tablet hotspot function.
  • Familiar process: Once the M-Box is connected, you can clone 80 bit transponders in exactly the same, familiar way you clone other transponders.
  • Compatible with Silca keys: The Silca T80+ is compatible with the entire range of Silca automotive keys: Remote Car Key (CIRFH1), original remotes, Look A-like keys, and MH-TA Keys.
  • Packaging optimised for hook display: The transponder T80+ is individually packed for optimised stocking and hook display.