GTI Wedge

The new GTI Wedge offers the same cloning and programming functionalities and the same performances as the glass GTI, and, being smaller, allows for greater versatility of use. In fact, it is compatible with the entire range of Silca vehicle keys and with the majority of original car and motorbike keys.


Product details

Great versatility of use with original and Silca keys: The GTI Wedge compact dimensions ensure it can be used with the vast majority of original car and motorbike keys available on the market and with the entire range of Silca vehicle keys. In particular, the GTI Wedge is compatible with:
the Silca Look A-like range;
the Silca Remote Car Keys;
the Silca Empty Shells range;
the Silca MH-TA keys;
the Silca Flip keys.

  • Multifunctionality means more efficient stock management: With the GTI Wedge transponder you can copy Texas® Fixed, Texas® Crypto and Philips® Crypto transponders. With the software “Silca TRP Setting Program”, the GTI Wedge can be pre-set to emulate the Silca transponders T3, T4, T7, T8, T13, T14, T16, T17, T18, T19, T21, T22, T31 and T32. This way you will be able to optimize your warehouse by simplifying the range of transponders needed to offer your customers a complete vehicle key service.
  • Duplicate keys even when the original is lost: The GTI Wedge can be programmed directly onto the car by means of a Silca, Advanced Diagnostics and/or manual procedure, depending on the vehicle model. The GTI Wedge pre-setting is fast and easy with the software “Silca TRP Setting Program”.
  • Compatible with Silca and Advanced Diagnostics devices: The GTI Wedge can be used exclusively with the Silca cloning devices RW4 Plus, Fast Copy Plus, RW4 + P-Box and Fast Copy + P-Box, and with the Advanced Diagnostics devices AD100 Pro and MVP Pro.
  • Resistant material: The GTI Wedge is made of a thermoset resin, a more resistant material compared to glass.
  • Practical packaging: The GTI Wedge is packed singularly in a plastic bag optimized for hook display.