Flip Keys

Compact, eye-catching, long-lasting, valid for an extensive range of vehicle models, Flip Key is the first vehicle key reproducing the original key’s flip mechanism, combiningSilca’s reliability and high-quality standards with a captivating and customizable design.


Product details

  • Distinctive, refined and modern design.
  • Compact dimensions, easy to store, reproducing the original key’s flip mechanism: the blade is folded within the plastic key head.
  • Long-lasting and reliable sprung mechanism guaranteed by Silca’s quality materials and engineering.
  • Designed to accommodate Silca’s Glass Transponder Innovation and most mini glass and plastic transponders available on the market.
  • Shop stock optimization thanks to single key head with switchable blades for a mix and match approach.
  • Wide and constantly updated key blades range suitable for most vehicle models in circulation.
  • Allows to transform your originally unsprung key into Silca’s smart Flip Key.

To discover the entire range of Flip Keys and the vehicle models where you can apply them, check our online catalogue and choose the key references ending with FH.