If you are new to the industry or simply looking for a cost effective way to offer a key programming service to your customers, then MVP Pro is the solution. Designed and engineered in the UK by Advanced Diagnostics, the pioneering and trustworthy manufacturer for aftermarket key programming tools, MVP Pro is ideal for auto technicians and locksmiths providing high quality key and remote programming services on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

* Please note that in some cases the software may not be included.


Product details

  • A new opportunity for your business: MVP Pro can be a worthwhile asset and generate an excellent return on your investment, by opening an additional income stream for your business: that of vehicle key and remote programming using specialist diagnostic equipment, a service originally provided almost exclusively by franchised dealers.
  • Cutting-edge, cost-effective solution: MVP Pro offers the same coverage and functionality as the world leading AD100 Pro, but at a fraction of the cost thanks to the use of digital tokens, which are deducted when keys are programmed. When all the tokens are used, you simply buy more tokens and download them via the internet.
  • Free and constantly updated software for all makes and models: MVP Pro is supplied with all available software free*. Software is continually being developed by Advanced Diagnostics for most car manufacturers worldwide. When new software modules are released, they can be easily downloaded onto the MVP Pro free of charge via the internet. So you’ll never have to buy new software in the future, making MVP Pro a wise choice for locksmiths and automotive garages seeking to provide additional services to drivers.
  • Advanced, user-friendly technology: Designed with simplicity in mind, MVP Pro is a portable device that guides you through various processes for key and remote key fob programming, from the more basic keys to proximity and smart keys across all makes of vehicles worldwide.
  • Pin code reading function: Some vehicle immobiliser systems require security access (pin code) to allow keys or remotes to be programmed. MVP Pro can read many pin codes, and where they cannot be read, Advanced Diagnostics offer a service to customers to obtain them.

* Please note that in some cases the software may not be included.

Alimentation: 12v from vehicle/mains
Connection to vehicle via OBD socket
Display: 320 x 240 dot backlit LCD touch screen display with adjustable contrast
Interface: CAN bus, USB PC bus
Multi system protocols
Splash proof
Dimensions: Length: 262 mm, Depth: 218 mm, Height: 47 mm

  • Read and clear fault codes
  • Clear key memory
  • Program keys, proximity keys, smart keys, flip keys, remotes
  • Program aftermarket and OEM keys and key fobs
  • Read immobiliser pin codes
  • Read pre-code data
  • Display live data
  • Component actuation
  • ECU identification
  • Simple user interface
  • Some of the functions are manufacturer / model dependent