Cable ADC243

ADC243 is specifically developed for customers who use the Silca Fast Copy Plus / RW4 Plus (or Fast Copy + P-Box / RW4 + P-Box) and also have an AD Pro programming device (AD100 Pro or MVP Pro) with Smart Dongle. The two devices can now be easily connected together using the ADC243 Power Cable.
This provides locksmiths that have not purchased Smart Aerial an alterna-tive solution for pre-coding transponders using Silca and AD devices. ADC243 allows to pre-code key data automatically from the AD program-mer to a blank transponder via the Silca cloning device. Simply connect your Silca device to AD100 Pro / MVP Pro and Smart Dongle with the ADC243 Power Cable to pre-code Fiat® transponders quickly, and without switching tools.


Product details

  • Ideal for existing Fast Copy Plus / RW4 Plus users
  • Free upgrade of Silca devices to 03.20.080 software version -
  • Perfect for Fiat® group vehicles
  • Plug and play use
  • No need to manually enter pre-code key data

RW4 Plus / Fast Copy Plus software version: 03.20.080
AD100 Pro / MVP Pro software version: 12.32
Smart Dongle software version: 1.1.5