Cable ADC219

Advanced Diagnostics is pleased to announce the release of the new ADC219 cable which is designed to be used with ADS230 software and Smart Dongle. The ADC219 VAG® Instrument Cluster Reset Cable is the solution for all keys lost situation on selected VAG® vehicles.


Product details

  • ADC219 cable is developed specifically for use on selected VAG® vehicles when all vehicle keys have been lost.
  • The cable has been designed for advanced auto locksmiths who have a good working technical knowledge of removing, disassembling and re-fitting instrument clusters from vehicles.
  • The cable is used to probe a specific pin located on the PCB board on the reverse side of the instrument cluster in order to put the vehicle into service mode, before a working key can be generated.
  • A user guide and images containing the probe points on the various instrument clusters supported will be available on the AD website and Info Quest.