RW4 Plus

RW4 Plus is the cloning device for reading and copying in stand-alone mode a wide range of transponders.


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Product details

  • Transponder reading: RW4 Plus detects the presence of fixed code and Crypto transponders in a vehicle key, including the most recent Hitag* 3, Hitag* Pro, Hitag* AES, DST AES and Megamos*AES. It also identifies the type showing it on the display.
  • Transponder copying and writing: RW4 Plus copies and writes quickly and accurately the following types of transponders:
  • - Texas* fixed codeID4Cusing Silca GTI,
  • - Temic*, Philips* and Megamos* fixed code using Silca T5,
  • - Philips* Crypto ID40, ID41, ID42, ID4W and ID45 using Silca T10, T25, T28, T29 and T50 transponders,
  • - Philips* Crypto 2 ID46using Silca GTI,
  • - Texas* Crypto ID4Dusing Silca GTI,
  • - Texas* Crypto 2 ID6F using Silca GTI,
  • - Texas* Crypto 3 ID6A using Silca GTI,
  • - Texas* Crypto 80 bit for Toyota*, Hyundai*, Kia* and Ford* using Silca T80+,
  • - Texas* Crypto 128 bit Toyota* ‘H’ 7A-39 using Silca T128C,
  • - Megamos* Crypto ID48-A and ID48-Kusing Silca T33,
  • - Megamos* Crypto ID48, ID48-A1, ID48-A2, ID48-A3 and ID48-A4using Silca T48,
  • - NXP Hitag* 3 for Honda* ID49 using Silca T49,
  • - Holden* Commodore keys type 1 and 2.
  • Transponder generation in stand-alone mode: RW4 Plus is able to generate in stand-alone codes for certain fixed code transponders and Texas* Crypto 80 and 128 bit transponders used on popular Ford*, Subaru* and Toyota* vehicles and to generate Hitag* 3 ID49-1Ctransponders for Honda*.For the most common models of the Fiat* group, RW4 Plus can also pre- code Philips* Crypto ID46 and Megamos* Crypto ID48 transponders using data read by the Advanced Diagnostics devices.

  • Transponder generation with a PC: using the free software TRP Setting, RW4 Plus can generate the follow-ing transponder types: Texas* Crypto 40, 80 and 128 bit, Megamos* Crypto, Philips* Crypto, Philips* Crypto 2 and Hitag* 3 for Honda*.
  • Codes archive: RW4 Plus: Up to 99 transponder codes can be saved in an on board archive that can be easily deleted when required. Unlimited codes can be archived when using a PC and the Silca Transponder Program.
  • Easy powering: RW4 Plus can be easily powered up in any vehicle by means of a cigarette lighter socket cable.
  • M-Box : M-Box is the easy-to-use device that, once connected to the RW4 Plus, clones Megamos* Crypto ID48 transponders used in over 200 models of major automotive groups, such as Audi*, Fiat*, Seat*, Škoda*, Volkswagen* and Volvo*, and Texas* 80 bit transponders for Ford*, Hyundai* and Kia*. M-Box needs an internet connection to access the Silca server via cloud and copy in virtually no time the indicated transponders.
  • U-Snoop : U-Snoop is the universal Silca device for reading original key data directly from the car immobilizer. Just wrap the key around the U-Snoop elastic band and turn it in the car ignition until the U-Snoop LEDs illuminate to confirm successful sniffing. Data will then be read and pro-cessed by RW4 Plus. U-Snoop is used in the Silca ID46, ID48 and ID49 Solu-tions.

(*) This is a trademark of a third party not affiliated nor linked with Silca S.p.A. or the dormakaba Group. Silca S.p.A. and dormakaba Group do not own any intellectual property right nor have been granted any license with regard to such trademark, which is hereby used only to indicate the intended purpose of Silca’s products.

Power supply: Device: 15Vdc - 10W
Universal power provider: 100/240 Vac - 50/60 Hz 15 Vdc - 3A
Antenna field frequencies: 125 KHz
Dimensions: Length: 245 mm, Width: 160 mm, Height: 80 mm
Weight: 0,6 Kg