Silca Sports Teams

Silca has always believed in the values represented by sport. This is the reason why, over the years, Silca has promoted and sponsored many disciplines and athletes, dedicating special attention to young people and kids. Among all human activities sport is one of the most universal and fascinating, throbbing with life and emotions and, above all, free from any discrimination of age, race and social condition. In the belief that sport is the best opportunity to bring people who share the same values together, Silca with Silca Ultralite Vittorio Veneto and Atletica Silca Conegliano hope that the interest in athletics and triathlon will keep growing.

Silca Ultralite Vittorio Veneto

Ultralite, the brand of coloured keys in a special ultra-light alloy, has given its name to the outstanding Silca Ultralite Vittorio Veneto team. From its foundation up till today the team has honoured Silca with impressive triumphs. Remarkable results for one of the hardest sports, demanding rigour and the capacity to tackle the fatigue of competitions that require the athletes to vie without interruption in swimming, cycling and running. Triathlon is, with no doubt, a sport that demands strong psychological as well as physical self-discipline, and for this reason it is extremely formative and creates complete athletes.