Rekord is a key cutting machine for cylinder keys for doors and vehicles and cruciform keys.



Duplicates with maximum precision and guarantees optimal working conditions to the Operator thanks to: high tech materials, ergonomic shape, carriage movements by gears on a rectified carriage.


  • Tools compartment: A hinged compartment built into the body of the machine to keep all the maintenance tools safe and easy accessible.
  • Exclusive working tools area: Cover flat top, with anti slip coverage leaving space for keys, pins, tools in a useful and easily accessible working area.
  • Chippings tray: The inclination on the worktop ensures that the metal chips are conveyed directly into the tray.
  • Clamps: The clamps have four sides which rotate to allow the key to be perfectly secured on its back or in profile.
  • Tracer point: The tracer point easily ensures regulation of the depth thanks to a controlled pitch grub screw.
  • Lamp: Powerful light in the working area thanks to an innovative led lamp integrated in the cover. Low energy consumption.
  • Brush: Convenient brush in top quality durable material, installed on the machine for finishing cut Keys.
  • New ergonomic handles and levers.
  • Rounded shape with modern silver satin coverage, easy to grip and to clean thanks to the finished surface treatment.


  • Keys cut in standard mode

Технические данные

Motor: One-speed single phase - 230V-50Hz - 120V-60Hz
Cutting tool: HSS ((Super Rapid Steel)
Movements: by gear on rectified carriage
Clamps: rotating with four sides, high precision
Maximum length of cuts: 43 mm (carriage run)
Dimensions: Width: 330 mm (with max. lever encumbrance 510 mm), Depth: 430 mm, Height: 270 mm
Weight: 19 Kg