Unocode 299

Unocode 299 is a Silca electronic key cutting machine for the duplication of flat keys for cylinders and cars.


Unocode 299

Unocode 299 is an innovative Silca electronic key-cutting machine for the code cutting of flat keys for cylinders and cars. Unocode 299 represents a new generation machine designed to work either Stand Alone or with a Personal Computer.


  • Depth calibration by means of electric contact: An innovative system for cutting by electric contact makes it possible to detect the correct cutting depth automatically, regardless of the clamp side that is used. Fully automatic depth and space calibration - no data entry or manual corrections are required by the operator.
  • Automatic calibration: Clamp calibration is automatically controlled on every side of the clamp by means of electric contact. The cutter calibration function permits to calibrate all available cutters automatically with ease and precision.
  • Precision: High carriage precision and smooth movement by means of ball screw rollers. Axes tolerance +/-0,03mm.
  • Safety Devices: emergency stop button, minimal swarf dispersion, automatic deactivation of cutter and carriages movements when the safety shield is raised, wide mobile safety shield.
  • Compact machine body comprised of an aluminium modular structure.
  • Keypad with Back-Lite Display, expanded features located on the front of the machine, excellent visibility, 4X20 characters.
  • Use in Stand Alone Mode or with a Personal Computer.

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  • Keys cut in standard mode
  • Keys cut with optional accessories (*)

Технические данные

Cutter motor: single phase and speed
Electricity supply: 230V-50Hz
Clamp: universal 4 sided clamp to grip flat, car and cruciform keys
Cutter: HSS (Super Rapid Steel), optional carbide
Movements: on 2 axes with ball screws activated by step motors, on rectified roller guides.
Runs: X axis: 57 mm, Y axis: 32 mm
Dimensions: Width: 500 mm, Depth: 500 mm, Height: 420 mm (with raised shield 650 mm)
Weight: 34,5 Kg