Photogallery Security Essen 2014

Silca Stand at Security Essen 2014
Introducing Silca Air4 residential remotes
Silca solution for residential remotes duplication successfully debuts in Essen
Silca innovative key cutting machines draw the attention of attendees
Futura, once more, amazes
Visitors of Silca stand show keen interest in electronic key cutting machines
Reinhard Sperling, Managing Director Silca GmbH
Visitors interested in Futura One, Silca new electronic machine for cutting laser and dimple keys
The wide and varied range of Silca keys occupies the centre-stage of the booth
Attendees have the chance to test first-hand Silca key cutting machines
Attendees show particular interest also in Silca solutions for the automotive business
ProTech Plus, the new semi-industrial machine from Silca, ensures increased productivity by 30% compared with ProTech
Master key manufacturers will benefit greatly from the increased productivity guaranteed by ProTech Plus
With its cutting edge products, Silca not only keeps abreast of innovation. It anticipates it
Security Essen proves to be a fruitful occasion to network with customers and listen to their needs
Silca color keys, including the appreciated series Art Keys, Silky and Ultralite, are the most distinctive and recognizible on the market
Silca solution for remote controls duplication starts to draw the attention of visitors
Futura is the forefront of technology for electronic key cutting of flat, laser and dimple keys