Token Solution

A number of electronic key cutting machines and devices from Silca are now available with the “pay as you go” formula. Discover the many advantages of this solution.

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Token Solution

The Token Solution is the flexible option for a successful key cutting business that offers you a triple advantage:

  • To significantly reduce the start-up cost of an electronic key cutting machine or device.
  • To pay only for the use you actually make of the machine or device.
  • To distribute your investment over time.

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  • Custom-tailored and flexible investment: Applying digital tokens means you will be able to customize your investment in cutting-edge technologies and choose the solution that best suits your needs. Depending on the type of key service you offer and the actual use you are planning to make of the Silca machinery, you will benefit also from a flexible option that can be changed and upgraded at any time, according to the evolution of your business.
  • Free software updates: The machines and devices that make use of digital tokens are always enabled to download the latest software updates available free of extra charge.
  • Exclusive free trial: Upon cutting the first key or using the device you purchased for the very first time, a free trial will be automatically activated for you to test the functioning of the tokens for a limited period of time.
  • Cost-effective planning of your token consumption: Thanks to the function that shows real and virtual statistics in the token control panel, updated in real time, you will be able to assess the most suitable token package according to your effective use of the machine or device and change it at any time.
  • Full control of the expenses: The machines and devices that make use of digital tokens feature a counter that grants immediate control of the consumption of tokens and allows you to set alert thresholds informing you when the tokens of your pack are about to finish or when your UTP plan is about to expire.
  • Extra Token: In case you use up all your tokens and you haven’t charged your machine or device yet, Silca advances you an Extra Token: a period of variable duration starting from 21 days worth of tokens, which will be deducted as soon as you top up.
  • Free to move to full mode at any time: You will be able to request at any time a code for unlocking the machine and opt out of the Token Solution, exiting the “pay as you go” formula.


There are two types of tokens:

  • Token Packs: sets of a fixed number of tokens, deducted once a key has been copied in different amounts depending on the type of key. Once you run out of tokens, you simply need to buy moreto keep using the machine or device.
  • Unlimited Token Plan (UTP): subscriptions valid for a set duration of time, starting from 1 month. During the period of validity of the subscription, you will be able to duplicate an unlimited number of keys.