Sustainability is the key to success - A case study


This is the strategy adopted by Silca, leading key blanks manufacturer

The quality of the future and the safeguard of non-renewable resources are paramount issues that need to be considered by individuals, companies and by the public administration when making certain choices. It should become common practice to make choices that favor sustainable development in the broadest possible way.
Silca Spa, company of the multinational provider of security solutions Kaba Security Ag, has decided to take action in favor of sustainability in any decision made in its daily activities and its process of constant improvement. Silca has first of all defined its overall carbon footprint in order to take action and reach the goals of reducing energy consumption rates and optimize the use of power and raw materials.
“We are determined to follow this path, which involves all of the employees and has been concretely supported by significant investments,” said Stefano Zocca, Kaba Key Systems Division’s Coo and Silca’s managing director. “I believe that nowadays companies cannot achieve a profitable outcome unless they combine positive economic results with a positive impact on the environment and on the human resources that contribute to produce them.”
The concept of lean manufacturing applied by the company also includes the principal of “Total Recycling”, which consists of optimizing collection, treatment and disposal of any waste produced along the manufacturing processes. Today almost all of the non-iron swarf produced in the manufacturing of key blanks is recycled, as well as different raw materials, in order to minimize the environmental impact of the company.
“In order to reach true sustainability – added Stefano Zocca – companies should adopt a forward looking perspective and operate in a way that considers the consumption of non-renewable resources and the future generations. Such role has now become much more important than in the past and takes into account concepts such as respect for the environment and intergenerational equity.”

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore "Fare Impresa a Nordest"
Monday 14 July 2014
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