Export and acquisitions drive Silca’s growth


This is the strategy pursued by Kaba Key Systems Division and Silca Spa

Kaba Group, the multinational company active in the security business, has disclosed to investors an organic growth plan of 5-6% for the fiscal year 2015/2016, with an Ebitda margin of 18%. Stefano Zocca, Kaba Key Systems Division’s coo since 2013 and Silca Spa’s managing director since 2011, has announced this important goal and is aiming to reach it through a strategy based on innovation and international growth. His vision of the Division’s future is very clear: “Simplified organization, human resources that are open to change and product innovation, more and more strategic in consolidated international markets and competitive in emerging markets”. His professional career, characterized by the direct knowledge of different markets worldwide, and the current economic scenario have convinced him that his work-teams should focus on Europe and North America also in other respects. “The current international context is characterized by a significant acceleration in the demand for highly innovative products, the reduction of the life cycle of existing products, the emergence of high growth rate markets that must be targeted before positive signals fade away,” added Zocca. “It is paramount being able to count on a solid commercial base in as many markets as possible and, in particular, it is essential being able to understand and corner those with the highest growth rate.” Being fast in innovating one’s offer and having an incisive commercial presence in the different markets are two critical elements that allow organization optimizations to achieve the right goals in diverse markets and allow the company to consolidate its investments over time.
Acquisitions too have been an instrument to gain a major control over commercial areas with high potential, and have played an important role in supporting the growth strategy pursued by Key Systems Division. In 2013 Silca has acquired the Colombian Flexon Llaves Sa, now Flexon Silca, thus guaranteeing a strategic base meant to expand its action and presence in the entire South American continent. The operation aimed to guarantee efficacy and quickness to the expansion of the Division’s market share in the area. Last December Silca has acquired also Duitman Bvba, a wholesale distributor base in Halle, near Brussels. “We aimed to operate in a synergic way in Benelux and Holland, a country where our Division already has a business unit that will coordinate commercial initiatives in the area,” said Pietro Barteselli, Key Systems Division’s Market Operation senior vice president. “The innovation that we want to convey to the markets worldwide is not limited to products, but regards also their usage and the services linked to them. A wide and well-organized commercial presence represents a fundamental prerequisite to offer our partners and customers an excellent service.”
These factors are part of a wider project Kaba Key Systems Division is operating on a global scale and that involves its subsidiary Silca Spa, renowned company in the municipality of Vittorio Veneto, worldwide leader in key manufacturing (over 600m items per year) and boasting a significant specialization in the production of electronic keys for the automotive business.

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore (article in Italian)
Monday 17 February 2014