Silca: 2015 and sport

Vittorio Veneto,
Stefano Zocca with the youngest athletes of Silca Ultralite

Eighteen events, 2.000 volunteers and 10 local administrations involved
Almost 10.000 athletes and amateurs took part in the competitions organized by Silca Conegliano and Silca Ultralite

Last night Silca Spa hosted the meeting summarizing this year’s sport results
Almost 10.000 athletes and amateurs participated in the 18 events organized by Silca Ultralite in 2015. This was a record year for Silca Ultralite Vittorio Veneto e Atletica Silca Conegliano, both in terms of events organized (athletics meetings, cross runs, duathlon and triathlon races) and in terms of agonistic results (national convocations, European competitions and medals won). Last night at the yearly meeting in the Silca S.p.A. premises in Vittorio Veneto the results and balance sheet of 2015 were presented by the presidents of the two sports teams, Aldo Zanetti and Francesco Piccin. Silca S.p.A. Managing Director Stefano Zocca was also present.
A number of representatives of local authorities attended the meeting, including Roberto Tonon, Floriano Zambon and Michela Coan, mayors of Vittorio Veneto, Conegliano and Revine Lago. Representing the talented young athletes of the two teams were Federico Spinazzè, Federico Pagotto and Irene Vian.
“Presidents Aldo and Francesco show great commitment and passion for these two sports teams,” said Stefano Zocca, “and we at Silca are proud to support initiatives that involve young athletes and their families and that promote our community and our territory. We intend to keep on with the path that we undertook 35 years ago with a particular focus on the youth.”
Two sports federations (Fidal and Fitri), two sports clubs, ten local administrations, 40 companies, 365 days of work, 2.000 volunteers and 9.533 athletes: these were the numbers that epitomized the effort and commitment that these two clubs have shown in over thirty years and that contributed to the promotion of sports in this territory.
The success of this season is demonstrated also by the trend of people who registered to the events: 9.533 in 2015 compared with 5.290 in 2014, a remarkable increase by 80% in just one year. Various agonistic successes sprinkled the year, such as the national convocation of the triathlete Spinazzé and the middle-distance runner Vian, who both qualified for European Junior competitions.