Almost 6.500 people participated in the 2013 sport events sponsored by Silca

Francesco Piccin, Stefano Zocca, Aldo Zanetti

Fifteen events organized and an increase by 57% of participants compared to 2010
Last night the report of the athletic season 2013 was presented at the Vittorio Veneto firm of Silca S.p.A.

Silca Ultralite Vittorio Veneto and Atletica Silca Conegliano reported numbers on the rise. During the athletic season 2013, due to end next 1 December with the last event, the Prosecco Run, fifteen sport events have been organized, 332 people became members of one of the two sports-team (179 registered with Atletica Silca and 153 with Silca Ultralite), fifty-something companies gave their support and volunteers contributed with 8.000 hours of free work.
Last night, in the Vittorio Veneto-based firm of main sponsor Silca S.p.A., the management of the two sports-teams met with the management of the company. Stefano Zocca, managing director of Silca S.p.A., welcomed guests in what he called the “Home of the Athlete”: “We have seriously committed ourselves to the two sports-teams, we believe in them and in the young people who participate in their initiatives, we believe it supports the local community as well – he said – and it is not just a matter of highlighting our brand. We believe it is worth it”. Finally, sports-teams presidents Aldo Zanetti and Francesco Piccin presented the balance sheet reporting the entire athletic year.
They underlined the fact that sponsors have given a paramount contribution (73% of total revenue) to the activities of the two sports-teams, but they also significantly supported the organization and management of sports events. Members increased to 6.417 in 2013, a rise by 57% compared to 2010. The most successful events were Ventuno del Cima (1.320 participants), Cross Città della Vittoria (1.280) and Prealpi Triathlon Fest (1.080).
The 2013 season proved successful not only as far as sport events were concerned, but also in terms of youth activities (255 days of athletic initiatives, 8.400 stadium entrances, 55 participations in competitions, the organization of the youth games and the contribution given by the 14 technical staff) and results achieved. The female team of Atletica Silca Conegliano arrived 5th, while the male team of Silca Ultralite 11th in the A1 final. Other great individual results: 3rd place in the under 23 Italian Championship for Eleonora Morao and Irene Vian (400m hurdles and 800m, respectively) and the golden medal in javelin throw for Mauro Fraresso. Francesco Arduini, master MM35, managed to win the golden medal in high jump at the European Championship and Giorgio Bortolozzi, MM75, became world champion in triple long jump and long jump. Elisabetta Colbertaldo won the aquathlon Italian Championship in the S1 category.
Once again, being a team, even though most disciplines are individual, has enabled young and not so young people to play sports and be involved in the organization of sport events throughout the year. A promising 2014 is in sight.

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